A New Chapter. . .

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

why i think my hubby's the BomB!!

.. because he could 'buy' me an A380 AIRBUS! thats why. :)
.. wuv yew sho much.. hubby wubby..

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday Nite Pizzazz.

Had dinner with dear hubby & shweet lil sis
They ordered Cheezy Bite Pizza while I had Bolognese Spaghetti.
The Verdict.

Taste - OK
Cheese - Yummy!
Presentation - Shuxx

I know... what they advertise would not be the exact same look alike to
the ones you get on your plate.

But still don't la 'tipu' sangat.

Just looking in the menu made my mouth 'wet'
But, when the food reach our table... we were like.. huh?

Cheesey Bite was fine. Coz I love cheese

I'll let the picture tell the story.

Friday, July 28, 2006

When I look back......

1st September 2005

Twilight Zone Jog... Everything is in the past

Today, I went on yet another jog session. Not the ordinary jog around the block, but to Taman Tun Park or is it called "Kiara Park"? After the jog, I decided to checkout the ol' hangout. The infamous Padang Zaaba, TTDI kids would know where this is. I'm not sure if its still happening now since kids now days are chilling at OU instead but back in 96, this is the place to be after tuition classes.

I was 15 back then and next year I'm turning 25. I wonder what have I've accomplished for the past 10 years. The padang is still in good use with smaller kids running around but the 'IT' feel is still there minus the crowd. Younger generation are taking over the park and as always still being put into good use. Aaah.. year of 1996... I wonder what 2006 would be inl store for me.

Been going through alot this past 9 years and I hope I will see the light sooon.This entry is dedicated to the people hanging out in Taman Zaaba year 96.Its the year of In-line skate, baggy pants, mIRC, 56kps dial-up, mighty ducks, 1st love, the malaysia blackout and much,much more....

28th July 2006
Its been 4 months now since I've turned 25. What have I've been doin for the past 10 months?

Well...was introduced to a bunch of crazy guys. hang out with these fellas. went out 1 to 1 with one fella.... fell for this uniqly intriging man. we talk our hearts out. got 'merisik' got 'engaged' and got 'married'. sounds simple enuff, huh?

Never knew life could turn 360degrees..Reading back what I wrote 10 months ago proves that life may take you on a rollercoster ride when u least expected... already one month into my marriage.. hows marriage life?

im full of happy hormones..

A lifetime to learn and understand my loving partner. Am blessed that he is a caring & loving husband. Am lucky that he is a PATIENT man. Will & want to adjust myself to be a better person, wife, daughter, sister, friend.

i'm lucky that i've got you. mr. Q a.k.a. fariq-ue